Friday, August 1

I've been a stranger

Hey guys!
A lot has changed, and so has my blog!
I'm no longer blogging about fashion, and I no longer blog here at Versa-Styles (obviously)
If you're interested in what I'm doing now, go check out my new blog.

That's right! I'm getting married a week from tomorrow!
Over at Being Mrs. Kirk I blog about the life lessons of growing up, being in a relationship, very rare OOTD posts, and a few other random things. 
You can now follow me there :)
If you've been following this blog or checking up, I apologize for disappointing you and not posting anything ha ha.

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Tuesday, December 10

The Giving Challenge

Operation Christmas Child!
Each shoebox gift built online will become a tangible expression of God's love that will be given to children in real need. We've even made it possible to challenge friends so they can join you. Or, you can donate virtual shoebox to your friends so they can build online themselves.

You can still help share God's love with children around the world even if you don’t have time to shop for and pack an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift. With a few clicks of your mouse or swipes on your touchscreen, you can build a shoebox online. Make it your own by choosing from a list of gifts, then add a personal letter and photo. We'll pack your shoebox and send it for you, for a suggested donation of just $30.

Help me reach my goal of 10 Christmas Shoeboxes!!!
Click here!

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Wednesday, December 4

Our Thanksgiving

Where do I even begin!?
Thanksgiving was great this year, not only did I get to spend it with my fiance, but I got to spend it with his family & mine. We were a little spoiled this year!

On Thanksgiving Day, John made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then we went to his sister's in-laws house for dinner. We ate a little too much..and then John passed out on the couch.
I got to meet his sister & nephews from North Dakota
I fell in love with his nephews & we already miss them so much!

Jaxon & Uncle John

John & I with our niece & nephews

Liv (my future sister-n-law) & I

He's a kid at heart....another reason I love him

After dinner I was introduced to their family's tradition of
BLACK FRIDAY...or as I'd like to call it "Grey Thursday"
We got to Wal-Mart at 5pm and we all had our positions
It wasn't as chaotic as I thought it would be, I was waiting for someone to threaten my life for one of the mixers I wanted...but I got out way too easy while helping two others get theirs. I made friends with the Black Friday shoppers. Shocker. 

We weren't there TOO long, scored some goodies and then headed off to his Mom's for the remainder of the night. I chased kids around, got in tickle fights, and watched them all doggy-pile on Uncle John

John underneath all of his "mean" nephews

The next day we went to Holly Days. I was really excited for this, since I hadn't really been home for the Holidays I didn't know that our town had a full day full of festivities for the kids...or me. 
Camel Rides
Carriage Rides
Pony Rides
Cold Weather
Freezing hands & toes
(I had to throw in the last two..cuz well, I froze)

Our future family. KIDDING, I wont' be having this many kids...
but I miss these kiddos already.

Me & Tucker- little heart melter!

After Holly Days we got to meet up with my family, John fit right in and the family loved him.
Another shocker....
We ate another Thanksgiving meal, and once it settled I challenged my cousins at a game of Just Dance, while John battled my Aunt & Mom at a game of cards.
After four dances I realized how much I truly hate cardio... John told me if I did 20 more he'd let me have my iPad before Christmas. 
Looks like I'll have something to open on Christmas Day ;)

Now the Holidays are over, the kids are gone, and it's time to get ready for Christmas.
It's been snowing all-day so i'm staying inside watching Christmas Movies, making dinner and sipping on some hot chocolate. We got our Christmas tree up Sunday night and our house is finally looking a little more Christmasy. Thank goodness!
 I can finally listen to Christmas music and put up the decorations!

Christmas is going to be great! I get to spend it with my amazing fiance, and his little girl.
Yup! She'll be here soon, and I can't wait :)
These are just "some" of the ideas I have for when she gets here...

First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle.
HAHA you're welcome :)


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Tuesday, December 3

Giving Tuesday

Last week I posted about Giving Tuesday, and mentioned Sevenly & End7.
If you didn't have a chance to give last week, I'm here to tell you more ways you can give to someone this week, or this Holiday season.
First of all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did!....I'll post about that next :)

These are ways you can get your Christmas shopping done, while helping someone else in need

1. Sevenly
I know, I always post about this company, but they change their cause EVERY week. Plus, I love their shirts, and the material is so soft. 
\This week they are doing Operation Christmas Box. 
Click here to find out more.

Everytime you purchase a pair of shoes, TOMS will help someone in need.
They serve in over 60 countries, with their program ONE FOR ONE.
Click here to start shopping

3. Warby Parker
The website for glasses! They have hundreds of styles, with an at home try-on program
For every pair sold, they distribute a pair to someone in need
Check out styles here

Here's a few more of my favorite sites to donate to

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Friday, November 29

Mr. Amazing

I know you've been waiting all week for this!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and that your Black Friday wasn't too chaotic :)
It's a little bit of a long story, and since the last few posts were a little "wordy" 
I might have to split this into two. 

First of all, I met John 10 years ago in High School
He was a senior, I was a sophomore
I wasn't really dating anyone, but I didn't see him like that (sorry John) 
he used to tease me, gave me a hat that said HATCHCO once because Hatch is my last name
He wasn't necessarily a "bully" he was just one of those guys that teased me daily
He graduated, and I started dating someone else....
We'd keep in touch every now and then, he'd send me a message on Facebook which I replied very "short" messages to. I wrote the occasional Happy Bday on his Facebook wall every now and then.

Well, I was living in Salt Lake, and on Halloween of 2008 I got dressed up (or down..) and went out with a friend to a bar. He saw me there, I said hi, didn't want him thinking I was working there... it was awkward. We laugh about it now
When we started dating, I found out all the "little things" about him liking me in the past
Like how on Halloween night he told his friend I was beautiful
How we were at the same wedding last year, and took photos in a photo booth together (random) 
Basically, how he's liked me for awhile, and it all started when I moved "home"
He said he's always thought I was beautiful, but never thought he had a chance.
We both had relationships, moved a few places, 
and there were a few years we didn't really talk to each other. 
Then, I moved home.

In June 2013 he asked me to come hang out with him & his little girl (Raquel) at the park
I said No. I didn't want to deal with "falling" for anyone again and I knew there was a chance
He text me Happy Bday 
I text him Happy Fathers Day (within two days from my bday)

July rolled around, and we had text every now and then and sent funny snap-chats to each other
(I never had makeup on, and pulled the ugliest faces) I didn't care.
He asked me to go fishing with him and his daughter on the 28th of July
I said yes.


We had a blast...I thought we were just fishing, 
but apparently it was the start of the best thing in my life
He dropped me off that night and I missed him
I didn't understand why I felt that way, but I wanted to see him again
We took his little girl to Despicable Me 2 two days later. He got up in the middle of the movie and when he came back, he came and sat by me. Real smoooooth
He seemed nervous, but he sat down 
and when our hands touched....
I got butterflies! 
After that week, I knew I was in love with his little girl, but I didn't know I felt about him. YET
He took her back to Florida, came back & wanted to see me the night he got home. 
That same week we went to a wedding, went to his work camp-out...etc
A month after our relationship my traveling job sent me away for a month.
We had already said "I love you"
Sometimes I thought it was moving too fast, and in every relationship I've been in- I've always thought about it ending & how it would end. I couldn't think that way, even if I tried, something told me I was going to be with him for awhile. He was the one, I knew it...and he did to. 
I was gone for a month traveling the world but I missed him so much, I couldn't wait to get home, and one day while I was in New Zealand- he sent me flowers! Just had to brag for a second! Anyway, I got home, he asked me to move in, and he hated that I traveled every weekend- we both missed each other, even two days apart. 

We've been together ever since
Needless to say, I found out I was in love with not just his daughter, but him too.
He's the most amazing man, I love him to the moon & back
He is caring, thoughtful, and loves unconditionally
He's an amazing father, fiance, and friend
I couldn't be more lucky and blessed to have found such a perfect guy for me
I never thought I'd find you...turns out you were right in front of me for the last 10 years
I love you John Douglas Kirk
and I can't wait to start forever with you!

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Thursday, November 28


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope you spend today with the ones you love, bringing up memories
laughing, smiling, and enjoying each other.
Don't forget to be thankful for all that you have, and give to those who need it
Hug on all your loved ones, and enjoy it!
Make sure to set your scales back 20 pounds before bedtime ;)

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Wednesday, November 27

Getting back home

Recently I posted my proposal & I said to stay tuned for the story of how we met.
Before I tell you that, I should probably explain what actually brought me back to my hometown, Vernal, UT.
I moved away in 2007 to Orem, UT and within five years I lived everywhere between Utah, Salt Lake County, and the beautiful state of California
I worked many places, met many people, and created great relationships
Let me remind you, when I left Vernal I had no intention on coming back. I hated that place, I hated the people (no offense), and I hated the lifestyle...hate hate hate. I was so negative about my hometown.
I won't try to sugar coated it, I could have signed something in blood saying I would never come back.
Who knows! BUT after living in Salt Lake, moving to California for 9 months and experiencing a yucky breakup I moved back to Salt Lake, and everything started falling apart- literally.
My Mom mentioned that I could always move home and of course that was the last thing I wanted to do, but times got hard and it was my only option left. 
This sad/negative story has a positive/happy ending I promise :)

In December 2012, I moved home two days before Christmas. I was a mess
Depressed, sad, frustrated, confused....and lost
I was 24 years old, I felt that I was the only single girl left and that I would never find love, I didn't even post anything on any social network site because I didn't want people to see that I was in Vernal.
I didn't go outside, I was a hermit for a month and a half.
PS if you're ever depressed or sad, NEVER sit at home, that was my biggest mistake- I should have got up off my ass and done something with my life, instead of waiting for something to happen.
One day I just woke up and realized that I didn't want the day to drag anymore, I wanted to smile and laugh again, and most of all I wanted to be myself and do what I love. 
Vernal was home once, I had to make it my home again.

That's how this blog was created
I had no intention on dating, so I created a blog about fashion (my biggest passion), started online college for Fashion Retail & Merchandising, started working out daily, and had an 8-5 job. I planned on keeping myself so busy that no guy would even creep into my life, I couldn't do another heart break. I just couldn't.
After awhile I started feeling much more energized, happy, and full of life!
I was loving life, and life was loving me back!
BUT...I still had a goal to be out of Vernal before Winter 2013

This blog is turning into a diary...but whatever
So, I'll try and make it short. I went on a few dates, had a few flings, but I never actually let myself "fall" for anyone. THEN I found my way out of Vernal, I applied for a job out of American Fork and became a Traveling Logistics Assistant for EvTech Media. I was going to travel! One of my new years resolutions was finally going to come true! and I did... I traveled to Australia, Kentucky, New Zealand, Louisiana, Bangkok, Singapore, Illinois...etc
I was living "the dream" and I planned on marrying my career
and moving back to Pleasant Grove and living in my town-home by myself.
Maybe visit the sperm bank at 30 when I wanted to have children, and drink wine- lots of it, obviously before I visited the sperm bank....

Then, in July 2013, John came (back) into my life....and he had a different idea
That post, is coming soon. I promise ;)

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Tuesday, November 26

Giving Tuesday

We've all heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday....but have you ever heard of
Giving Tuesday?

Why not start a week early, or maybe even make it a weekly tradition?? You can help someone somewhere, even if it's just donating $1, or donating cans of food at your local grocery store.
Do something to change someone's life- one act of kindness can do so much :)

There are millions of charities you can help this Holiday season, or at anytime really
but today, I'm going to tell you about two.
 End7 and Sevenly

End7 is a campaign for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Sabin Vaccine Institute. Their mission is to end 7 deadly global diseases by the year 2020.
click here to see how you can help

If you've seen my blog before, you know I have a passion for the company Sevenly
Although it has been awhile since I have blogged, I couldn't help but share this week's charity

This week Sevenly is partnering with American Cancer Society, your purchase helps finish the fight to end cancer by supporting a patient undergoing treatment and provide a home away from home for cancer patients & their caregivers.
AND this week, your purchase donates $14 instead of $7! --double donation!!--
They have recently added so many new products besides men, women's and children clothing, you can now choose from pillows, iPhone covers, art, bags, jewelry, even stuff for your pets!
Tons of great ideas for Christmas presents and the more you buy- the more you donate!
Here are a few of my favorites this week!

Go check it out & donate :)

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Monday, November 25

The Proposal

The day I've always wished for has finally come true!
I am pleased to announce that I am engaged to Mr. John Kirk
We couldn't be happier!!!

Here's how the operation went down!
John & I were originally planning on going to the Lady Antebellum & Kip Moore concert that was scheduled for this weekend in Salt Lake, and then it got rescheduled for January 
(of course, we're still going...)
BUT with all the traveling I've been doing with work, and he's been working a lot of hours we haven't got a lot of "US" time, so we decided to spend a fancy weekend in the city.
I knew this a couple weeks ago, and I was so excited to get all dressed up!
He wore a suit and tie with a sweater and man he looked SEXY! mmmmhmmm
I wore a flowy chevron three-quarter sleeve dress, which once I got my heels on, I felt was a little too short. Oh well...too late!

The snapchat he sent his sister of us before our date!
Little did I know, he had other secrets besides where we were going to eat :)

John kept his secret of where we were going to go eat dinner until we got there, I had no idea, and I was definetely stressing about what to wear. It drove me crazy, just a little bit. We parked underground by City Creek and walked through the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to the very top floor where we ate at

Very fancy!!! Gorgeous views, and when we got to the table there was a single rose waiting for me from him with a note that said "I love you."
Most girls would start wondering what was going on right then, but John is always so thoughtful and has sent me more flowers than I've ever been given in my lifetime in just the short time we've been together, so I wasn't looking that far into it, I just knew how grateful I was to have such a great guy.
We ate dinner and then it was time to go, he kept asking me
"What should we do after this"
I brought up going home to change & checking out the movie "Catching Fire" which I've wanted to go see since it came out....but he said he had an idea and that I should trust him on his ideas from here on.
Hmmm, okay John! :)

We were headed down the elevator back to our parking spot when we "got lost" we ended up in the main lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial building, then got back in the elevator and went up one more floor. I wasn't paying attention where we were going and then he said "lets go take one more picture before we leave" I love photos, so of course I said OKAY!

We started walking on the second floor and right when we wrapped around the corner I saw his sister holding her phone, and his niece and nephew holding this sign

"Will you be our Aunt Jessica......and ours too"
The "ours too" are his nephews in North Dakota, his sister was so upset she couldn't make it but wanted them included too of course :)

How adorable, right!? I LOVE KIDS! I had never seen this way to propose to someone, and I loved it.
Anyway...back to the story!
The next part happened way too fast, which I've heard most girls say it feels like seconds and they always forget everything said because they're caught up in the moment.
It went a little something like this

(read the next part really fast, because thats how it happened)

I saw the sign. looked around. he grabbed my hand got down on one knee and the only hand I had available (I was holding the rose) was the wrong hand so I hurried and switched the rose to the opposite hand and looked in his eyes and saw it. He was so nervous, and it was so cute! He said a little something something, told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him. 
Obviously I said yes, and we are SO happy!! 

I have an amazing future husband, beautiful soon to be niece and nephews, amazing soon to be 
sister-n-laws (i've always wanted a sister, now I have TWO) 
and of course, a future family with Mr. John Kirk.
What could be better? Nothing.

I'm so happy his sister was able to catch this moment on camera!

Our first picture together after being engaged :)


The beautiful ring! He did such a great job!!

 So many flowers!!! Loved them all!!

Now it's time to plan the wedding!!! Wahoo!!!!

Also, I know I haven't blogged about John so stay tuned for a little post about our love story and how it happened!

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Friday, October 25

A traveler's nightmare

I am sometimes a little scatter say the least, or it could just be my blonde hair ;)
Aren't we all a little ditzy sometimes?
There's so much going on my mind that I put my phone down & don't remember where, or I think of something and then forget what I was going to do/say.
I hope it's not just me
BUT I've never been so scatter brained to forget my suitcase
Just a suitcase? No. A fully packed suitcase, ready to travel to Canada the next morning 
& when did I figure this out?
3 HOURS away from home, when I got to Salt Lake,
 opened the back door of my car and there it wasn't.


I got a sick feeling and my mind was racing!
What am I going to do!?
What are my options?
I can't drive home & get it
Should I change my flight?

Needless to say, after all the options....the one that was the fastest and the "easiest" was
Normally I'd be so excited, I love shopping, what girl doesn't!? Are you kidding me?
 "You have to go shopping" is not something every girl would hate to hear right?

I will admit, this is the first time in my life that I was upset about shopping & it wasn't like I just went to the store and picked up a couple things, no, I was out of everything. 
Everything a girl needs; clothes, shoes, makeup, underwear, face-wash, toothbrush...etc
 I had NOTHING besides the clothes I had on, chap stick, and thank god my passport was in my purse.
I shopped as fast as I could, and I'll tell you what, 
nothing is worse than shopping for everything on a time limit.
We easily went to three different stores in three hours, and I was so stressed! I was mostly frustrated because after recently moving in with my boyfriend I realized how many clothes I have. The closet isn't even big enough, and half of them are still at my Mom's house, but I've just organized them to make do.
Didn't know I'd have to make room for three more outfits, more jewelry, more shoes...etc
Wanna know the worst part?
I wasn't happy about it...
I cried that night, REALLY cried. I practically bawled my eyes out while I was packing my bag
I called my boyfriend and kept telling him "I have way too many clothes, I don't need these, there are people all over the world that need clothes! Not me!"
 I felt so selfish, and spoiled, and I was so mad at myself.
He helped me calm down, and told me to look at the positives, because he's right, I can't control what happened- I didn't' have a choice- I had to go shopping.

Luckily, I made it to Canada with my (new) bag & now when I get home I can sort through more clothes and donate the rest!

What's the worst thing that's every happened to you while traveling?

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